MISE is providing complex solutions to our customers worldwide since 1994


Professional services: Communication Network

Communication networks enabling everyday business around globe. MISE professional services covering any IP v4/v6 network, 4G/5G network or legacy network such SS7. WAN, LAN networks, protocols and network services, various used devices enabling global companies their daily operations. MISE services covering all aspects of daily operation, starting with detailed planning, careful selection and evaluation process in aspect CAPEX/OPEX, operation procedures, abnormal operation states detection and resolution, continuous monitoring and improvements implementation. Teams of MISE experts can provide Multilanguage customer support on all continents.
Keywords: 4G/5G, WAN, IP, SS7, CISCO, FORTINET, VOIP, PBX, STP, VPN, voice communication, data communication, videoconferencing, NTP, satellite data network, optical network, WDM

Professional services: Security and Surveillance

Security and surveillance projects and multidimensional (data security, communication security, object security, border security, perimeter security, various devices security, etc.). MISE brings to customers unique combination of know-how and experiences that are mandatory for delivering complex security project.
Keywords: Firewall, Security Management, OSINT, private network security, data security, video processing, big data, SIEM, CCTV, doppler radar, UV imaging, INFRA, thermal imaging

Special Customer Projects

MISE is master in special customers project. These customer projects are extraordinary in combination of SW, HW infrastructure in complex solutions, Electronic communication, Electronic equipment.


Bulk supply

MISE can provide over 20 years of experiences with various technologies around the globe with major technology brand as well special designed and manufactured devices. MISE can assure supply in any location, in time and according defined criteria.
Keywords: OEM, ODM

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